3D Modeling


  • Fusion 360

  • Meshmixer

  • Maya


  • Inventor

  • Blender

  • ZBrush

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I got my start in 3D modeling back when I was in high school. I was on a competitive robotics team, FIRST robotics team 1741, when I started learning how to 3D model. I learned how to use Autodesk Inventor and used it to create models of various parts and assemblies. These would then eventually be machined and become functioning parts of the team's robot.

Later on, during my undergraduate career at IUPUI, I learned Maya and ZBrush. These were a challenging adjustment for me because I was coming from only hard-surface modeling experience and jumping right in to organic modeling. During this same time I also experimented with Blender for the purpose of modeling video game assets. I was working in Unreal Engine and Unity a lot and wanted to be able to create my own assets, so that's what I learned to do.

Most recently, I have gotten involved in the 3D printing community. This has led to me learning Fusion 360 and Meshmixer. Between these two, I have a very powerful set of tools at my disposal for both hard-surface and organic modeling.